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 a few things.

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a few things. Empty
PostSubject: a few things.   a few things. EmptyMon Mar 09, 2009 7:44 pm

okay there is a few things i'd like to comment on.

- Mithril Dragon(s)

There is only one... yes i understand the whole good drop thing. but make more, with less frequency of drops.. also another thing is, when i come from home portal to mith dragon, i... most of the time.. get owned. pked/owned/pJED whatever floats your boat. Wink and. if it is possible, i would like to see one of the following.

-A portal to quickly go back to safe areas rather than walking to mage bank or lv 20 to tele.
-moved to a different area, with more space and no wilderness levels. pk areas are there for a reason.
-pking removed from 45+ wildy.

mmk next problem.

This may not be a big thing to most people but i'd like to see more realistic stuff.

- Prayer Regen

So i was messing around at barrows, killing guthan. the i ran out of prayer fater using piety to speed things up a little. then i ran out of pray, and i saw my pray bar rising, very,very slowly. i would like to know why it's rising.


- Custom items.

mmk a few items i see that admins/mods have but.. we don't? =/ scratch

-Custom Godswords

Ancient Slayers

And so on.

-Custom Whips.

Basically, metal covered whips. i have seen a gold whip and heard about a 'Bandos Whip'

Staffs perhaps?

mmk now everyone add me if you read this, reply on forums and ingame, with breif ingame plz =)

have a nice day!
ive been wanting to do this

lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
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a few things. Empty
PostSubject: Re: a few things.   a few things. EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 1:45 am

Does the ancient slayers have anything to do with my slayer godsword suggestion ?
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a few things. Empty
PostSubject: Re: a few things.   a few things. EmptyTue Mar 10, 2009 10:49 am

kk it´s like this the coloured whips for example are items u can donate for... there are alot of items like death cape and etc... not to force people to donate but as a benefit for those of u that donates to keep server alive.... admins and above use it as advertising alot since we need donations to stay afloat Wink
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i gotz 99s

i gotz 99s

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a few things. Empty
PostSubject: Re: a few things.   a few things. EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 7:22 am

first thing
mith dragons i have heard announced hundredss of times about the pking there its allowed and im sure u have seen it over yell command for staff so do i think that there should be something done about that no if u are going to kill mith drags bring pking gear with u and fight back u could down people prolly no problem i have done it plenty of times just bring in ur inven super set p pots dds food and be ready for anything i dont think everyone should be punished of losing pking in that part of wildy cuz people go there to kill drag another thing y would u want more miths there if u dont wanna get pked put more in then ur gunna see alot more pking there custom armor i personally dont like custom armor i like good old rs items i think everything else is just plain out like boring cuz when custom armor is put in sometimes it is overpowerd or underpowerd thats what i think im not staff or owner so i couldnt make any of these decisions Neutral
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a few things. Empty
PostSubject: Re: a few things.   a few things. Empty

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a few things.
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