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 My Gallery - From First To Last

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Free Town

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PostSubject: My Gallery - From First To Last   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:42 pm

Here Very Happy - 100% all done by me

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PostSubject: Re: My Gallery - From First To Last   Mon Mar 16, 2009 5:09 pm

#1) 3/5 too dark and not enough clarity
#2) 4/5 good but the focal point is in middle (rule of thirds)
#3) 5/5! my favorite one by far. this one is movie poster worthy
#4) 4/5 not a huge fan of anime but this is pretty cool
#5) 3/5 color choice could have been better and its messy/crowded
#6) 3/5 kinda looks like you rushed through this one Razz
#7) 5/5 i like this one, most people cant pull off really good black and whites but u got it down Smile
#8 ) 4/5 i like the idea but its not bright enough
#9) 3/5 the chief and the background just dont fit together lol
#10) 4/5 good but a lil too much open space on the right side, maybe shift it to the right a little

overall they are really good, keep up the good work Very Happy

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My Gallery - From First To Last
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