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 why you should skill :D

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i gotz 99s

i gotz 99s

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why you should skill :D Empty
PostSubject: why you should skill :D   why you should skill :D EmptyTue Mar 17, 2009 8:00 am

ok so here are the reasons i think it is fun to be a skiller
1.u allllways have something to do for a while concidering u have so many 99s to get and they very in dificulty to get up
2.its fun to see the faces on players when u tell them how many 99s u have
3.u can become very rich off of skilling if u do it

1.u cant train cb skills if u wanna be a lvl 3 skiller
2.u get bored doing some of the skills

thats what i think about skilling idk about anyone else u can call me a nerd for having 99s but if people actually took the time to get the stats i have to 99 u would see it doesnt take that long at all if u set ur mind to it Smile
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why you should skill :D
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