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 Mario read..

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Mario read.. Empty
PostSubject: Mario read..   Mario read.. EmptyWed Mar 18, 2009 11:11 pm

Mario, if you hack our vps, mess with our vBulletin forums, or our server.. i'm going to talk to the FBI hotline..
It's a Federal law to Mess with a vBulletin forums, and i know.. my webhoster will find you and we'll have to take it up in court.

And if you hack my VPS, i'm going to have to talk to the founders of VPSland and they can verify the IPs used. (VPSland can get thru proxy's so don't try using a proxy)

So, leave erascape alone.
Make your own forums, you've pissed me off deeply.
So if you're going to hack my forums, hack my server..
I'll talk to denode, and we'll arrange a court meeting..

Stay away from my server, or all of the above will be arranged.
Your old superscape owner, Decimation.
P.S: Change your server name you gay copy-cat -.-
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Mario read..
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